I feel like a sheep.

Amazing! Astonishing! Genius! Mesmerizing! Virtuose!

These are the kind of words that millions of people use to describe Jacob Collier. And I am one of them. A drop among millions. He blows minds of the olds and the youngs, the professionals and the amateurs, transcending all kind of styles, with genuine humility and kindness.

I feel like a sheep following a trend but I can’t help to admire him.

The first and only other moment I felt something like that with music was Björk, 28 years ago. Damn! She makes MY music, the one I would write if I were a musical artist. And Jacob makes me understand why. This is how it works ! I finally understand and it’s more beautiful than ever !

In fact, I feel like I too could write music. Insane! This young man with a music wise old soul, playing his complex tunes and expressing deep knowledge of his art, shows me how to.

I will write music thanks to Jacob one day. 

And thanks to Raymond of course! The other day, he spent a few minutes playing with my GarageBand and now I have the fantasy of doing my own, of being able to do something musically creative.

I have that concept in mind: the 1-5 project. -> A 1-minute music with only 5 tracks on GarageBand, just to explore and try. Because why not?

I like constraints in art projects, otherwise I get lost in too many possibilities. 

For now, it’s just a fantasy, but who knows?!

And such a beautiful voice!

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