I need you!


My name is Virginie. I am right now in Guadeloupe, where I’ve been living for 5 years now.

I’m French, 43 years old, and used to be the perfect Executive Assistant. But it’s time for me to travel and I need your help. Here is the plan:

  1. Sailing north the Caribbean Sea: Montserrat (or Antigua), St Kitts, Saba, and then St Marteen.
  2. St Marteen: where I plan to stay 2 to 3 months.
  3. Sailing again through the Virgin Islands to Puerto Rico.
  4. Walking accross Puerto Rico for several weeks.
  5. Walking accross Dominican Republic for several weeks.
  6. Stoping  in Haïti for a few month in an organisation that plants trees.
  7. Walking accross Cuba for several weeks.
  8. And finally reaching the continent in Yucatan, Mexico.

Here’s why I need your help: I need someone to drop me from Guadeloupe to Montserrat (or Antigua) and so on, and I need some places to sleep along the way and and people to meet and share food whith. If you’re ready to sail me, or know someone who is, please leave a message on the contact page.

See you soon!